Letting you focus on what you do best, growing your business. We use social media as a tool to grow your business, not just your follower count.

We take social media off the entrepreneurs plate

Working with Mary Cait for my social media and email marketing has resulted in a 40% increase in sales!

Stacey Whaley,
Fire Up & Lead

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It’s proven that businesses who invest in their marketing grow faster, and social media is one of the best ways to invest in audience growth. We are excited to help you achieve business growth through great social media!

That’s why we focus on business growth, not just social media growth. By tracking metrics unique to you and your business goals, we ensure our services help you grow your business - not just the number of likes you get on Facebook. 

We see social media as a powerful tool to grow your business.

we focus on business growth, not just social media growth. 

I have always loved the creativity, excitement and energy of entrepreneurship. With MCMktg, I get the best of both worlds - owning a business while getting to support other entrepreneurs and helping them grow their businesses, too.

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WiSys VentureHome Accelerator Alumni  |  Board Member for Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota  |  In the press

WiSys VentureHome Accelerator Alumni
Board Member for Women Entrepreneurs of MN
In the press

We take the time to get to know you and your business so that you can feel confident knowing we represent your voice and business exactly how you envision it.

But with MCMktg, you’ll be assured of marketing that sounds like your brand voice and makes progress toward your goals, guaranteed.

As an entrepreneur, it can feel strange handing something as personal as social media off to someone else. 

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We work closely to continue creating content that sets your business apart from the rest. Each month, we review the results to see what’s working, and where we can pivot our efforts to reach your business goals!


Step Six

What worked? What did your audience resonate with? Is there anything we can try differently next month?

analyze the results

Step Five

start posting

Step Four

Once we have a strategy in place and content created, we start posting.

I build a plan and create content unique to your brand

Creating the plan

Step Three

After you've crossed the t's and dotted the i's we dig deeper into the vision you have for your social media marketing plan and your business goals

strategy call

Step Two

We'll talk about your business, the vision and goals you have for it and see if we are a good fit to collaborate.

Book a discovery call

Step One

The Process

The work Mary Cait has done has increased our reach and followers through the content she has curated to truly represent our brand and mission. As a multifaceted non-profit with a small staff, having Mary Cait as part of the team makes our workdays a lot easier.

Stacy Whaley,
Fire Up & Lead

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